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Building a truck these days either be you move tools, lumber, brick and pipe — or you create a top-flight , traffic stopping, luxury cruiser! We can make it either way, or anywhere in between!

Moon roofs: Factory style, top sliding, pop up
Leather Interiors: Factory look, custom, exotic heated seats and massage available
Simulated Convertible Tops: Many colors and materials to choose from
Custom Dash Kits: Wood or Exotic
Custom Chrome Products: Exterior door handles, Pillar posts, Grills, Rockers,

wheel lips and more!
Emblem Plating: Gold or Black onyx
Spoilers and Body Kits: Factory styles, and custom
Safety Products: Backup sensors, cameras, Bluetooth systems, auto diming

compass temperature mirrors, alarms and remote starts.
Entertainment Systems: Headrest /drop down video systems, i pod, and satellite

Navigation systems: In dash and mirror mounted
Truck accessories: Various styles of side steps, front & rear guards, racks, and

Protective Exterior Moldings: Body side, wheel lips, door edge, and bumper, Color keyed, chrome, or black
Abs Plastic Products: Rain Guards, Bug deflectors, and moon roof wind deflectors

Sunline Auto Restyling is New York’s leading automotive retro- fitter of moonroofs, leather interiors, as well as offering a full line of auto & truck accessories. We have been serving the industry for over 25 years. We offer only Quality products with quality installations.